We have developed 3 products: identification, calculation and recognition of license plates:
1. Simplify license plate recognition with our advanced system - find license plates quickly and accurately in parking lots and elsewhere!

2. Protect your premises with MDVISION facial recognition system - use advanced technologies to quickly and accurately identify visitors.

3. Get accurate people counts with our system - quickly and accurately identify people in supermarkets and shopping centers to get the most up-to-date information about who's coming and going.

Made in Uzbekistan!

Vehicle number recognition system

Intelligent license plate recognition system MDVISION is designed to automatically detect license plates of vehicles that are in the field of view of the video camera. The automatic license plate recognition system allows you to track the passage of the vehicle of interest from the archive using screenshots and video clips. Supports logging, generating detailed reports, hierarchical classification of recognized license plates into groups, integration with speed measurement devices and security systems, including access control, barriers, gates. In automatic mode, the module detects vehicles that violate parking rules.


MDVISION face recognition system

Automatic identification of a person based on the results of a comparative analysis of a face, information about which is stored in a face recognition database.


The system for counting and determining visitors in supermarkets and shopping centers

Automatically count people in supermarkets and malls with our latest technology. The MDVISION system helps the management: shopping center, bank, to better understand the traffic flow by zone in order to evaluate the performance of the shopping center. Determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, such as where and when customers will shop. Track the path of customers through the mall and maximize your marketing by placing ads strategically.